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All there is to know about NBA 2K24 PC

Before you can start searching for a cheap NBA 2K24 cd key, we recommend that you read more about this title. It is a work of Visual Concepts, while 2K took on publishing duties. NBA 2K24 release date for PC took place on September 8, 2023. The genre of the game has been described by the creators as simulation and sports. If you're under 18 or purchasing for a minor, it's advisable to check NBA 2K24 age rating descriptions. As determined by the Pan-European Game Information, the game fits into the classification of PEGI 3, accompanied by the following descriptions: In-Game Purchases. The ESRB, a U.S. based entity, categorized the game as ESRB Everyone, highlighting references to In-Game Purchases and Users Interact. As of now, 578 of users wishlisted the game, which might give you a rough idea of the current demand for this product.

If you are short on free time, you should consider the fact that it takes about 5 hours 35 minutes to beat the main story of the game. Don't overlook the NBA 2K24 reviews written by both critics and players. The review aggregator Opencritic awarded this title a "Fair" rating, with 68 Top Critic Average and 33% of critics recommending the game. In terms of reviews published on Steam, this product has 23,994 gamer reviews, 26% of which are positive. If the information above sparked your curiosity, you may be on the lookout for adiscounted NBA 2K24 Steam key. Luckily, is an ideal platform to help you with this matter.

NBA 2K24 PC sale & discount - all in one place enables PC gamers to determine where tobuy NBA 2K24 PC key at low cost. This is thanks to our price comparison features as well as our comprehensive range ofgaming coupon codes. We've spotted the presence of this game in 33 stores and our selection of 63 offers will help you spot the best bargain. The recommended retail price is currently $59.99. Luckily, you don’t have to pay this much for this title. Based on our findings, the best NBA 2K24 price on PC is $8.35, which is 86% off. You can get this cheap key on Green Man Gaming.

Prices in our listing include payment fees to make sure that both official stores and resellers are treated equally. We have also included all valid coupon codes so you can obtain the best possible NBA 2K24 discount. Don't forget you may be able to decrease the price on the Steam Store by 9% if you make your purchase with a discounted Steam gift card.

Cheap NBA 2K24 PC key - browse price history, find a historical low, create price alerts

Even if the 86% discount may look attractive, it's worth making sure that you're receiving full value for your money. To help you shop smartly, monitorsNBA 2K24 price history.You can observe all price fluctuations in the graph on this page. On top of that, provides information about the cheapest price point in a game's history, labeled as the "historical low". The current offer happens to be the best NBA 2K24 PC price of all time! Rest assured that by paying $8.35 at Green Man Gaming, you're receiving the top-notch deal for your PC key.

Observing price trends can give insight into what kind ofNBA 2K24 sale to expect in the upcoming months. This is where price alerts on can be exceptionally helpful and you can set one up by navigating to the "Create Alert" button.

Where can I download NBA 2K24 after the purchase?

Majority of stores in our NBA 2K24 price comparison will deliver your key right after the payment is confirmed. Regardless of whether you get a key, or make a direct purchase on Steam, you will have todownload NBA 2K24 on Steam since it's the exclusive launcher for this game.

Can I buy NBA 2K24 on Steam?

Yes, you can buy this title on the Steam Store. Additionally, you can buy the NBA 2K24 Steam code from third-party sellers. Our price comparison includes 62 offers with Steam DRM. Pick one to guarante that your NBA 2K24 download will take place on Valve's platform. Furthermore, using the Steam launcher is the only way to experience this game on PC.

Is NBA 2K24 Steam Deck verified?

Valve has assessed that NBA 2K24 is Steam Deck playable. The game will work on your handheld device, but you may encounter compatibility and performance issues that will affect your gameplay.

Is NBA 2K24 on Game Pass or other subscription services?

Sadly, NBA 2K24 is not available with PC Game Pass at the moment. Although Microsoft’s gaming service provides access to a wide range of titles, this particular game is not included in the offering.

According to information we’ve gathered, the game isn't included in any other subscription service for PC right now. Hence, your only option if you want to give this title a go is by buying it.

Buy cheap NBA 2K24 Steam key - best price (2024)


Is 2K24 a good game? ›

NBA 2K24 is the definitive NBA 2K playing experience, crushed under the weight of excessive monetisation attempts. NBA 2K24 is another installment in the annals of sports game history. In the moments that it works, it works well.

When did 2K24 come out? ›

A: NBA 2K24 will be available globally on September 8, 2023. Q: What platforms will I be able to purchase NBA 2K24 on?

Is 2K24 cross platform? ›

The official statement from the company confirms that cross-platform multiplayer for NBA 2K24 will only be available on the new-gen console systems like PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. This means that players on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, or Xbox One will not be able to play with users on other systems.

Can you play NBA 2K24 on Steam Deck? ›

Right now, I'd recommend NBA 2K24 more on Xbox Series X (or PS5) than PC, but the PC version plays great on Steam Deck if you're after a great portable experience.

Is 2K24 on PC bad? ›

The $60 basketball game, developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K, has an “overwhelmingly negative” user review rating on Steam, where players are tearing the PC version apart.

Why is 2K24 so different? ›

Topping the list of additions is the new ProPLAY feature, which allowed 2K to take NBA footage and translate it to in-game animations in real timeIn other words, NBA 2K24 is a lot smoother than its predecessors when it comes to movement on the court, including dribbling, shooting, and pass animations.

Is there no story line in 2K24? ›

Me personally im glad there isnt an immediate story mode , its almost like a continuation from the previous story if you look at it .

Will 2K24 have eras? ›

Bird Era, the Jordan Era, the Kobe Era, and the Modern Era; now, with the addition of the LeBron Era, there are a total of five playable Eras in NBA 2K24 New Gen.

Is 2K24 on Game Pass? ›

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Play SpongeBob, NBA 2K24 and More Now. A Game Pass Ultimate subscription gives you access to all these titles and more.

Is 2K24 next gen on PC? ›

It is not next gen, as in the PS6. If you mean CURRENT GEN since the current consoles have been out for OVER THREE YEARS NOW then it should be the same.

Is 2K24 better on PC or console? ›

Visual Concepts and 2K Games have revealed details for NBA 2K24, and it will likely be another disappointment for PC players. Upgraded graphics, new gameplay elements, and cross-play will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions.

Is NBA 2K24 worth it on PC? ›

NBA 2K24 cons

Unless you're a hardcore NBA/basketball fan, it's not worth playing on PC. For some unknown reason, Visual Concepts has provided the old-gen version on PC. In other words, the current-gen version hardly includes any significant improvements like ProPlay, which are available on the next-gen consoles.

How big is 2K24 Steam? ›

Storage: 150 GB available space.

Did NBA 2K24 get better? ›

The bottom line with 2K24 is that the on-court gameplay in the current-gen version is the best it's ever been in the series, but there remains a lot of rinse-and-repeat across the board in terms of features, modes, monetization, and even bugs.

Is NBA 2K24 fun to play? ›

Though the game is absolutely bursting with modes and things to do, NBA 2K24 is enjoyable for almost any user to simply pick up and play, which isn't something I've written too often in prior reviews.

Do people like NBA 2K24? ›

As a dedicated player of the NBA 2k series since 2009, I regret to say that NBA 2k24 has left me feeling dissatisfied and even misled. The game's focus on animations detracts from the authenticity of the basketball experience, making the ball feel more like a prop than a dynamic element of the game.

How is NBA 2K24 different? ›

WHAT'S NEW. NBA 2K24 builds on the NBA 2K franchise with enhanced features and gameplay, delivering animations and movements pulled from real-world action on the court for a groundbreaking jump in authenticity.


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