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Epic Battle Fantasy

So glad to be here!

Well, I remember going all the way over to your Deviantart pages and being impressed by the game that was upcoming with all of those amazing designs and I was happy to find out it was just as great as I anticipated it! I can see why you now have more medals than any other user on Newgrounds. You truly know how to create a gaming world (or at least a world at all) that has nearly flawless animation, creative things to do, and an overall fun atmosphere.

While I have yet to beat this game, I can at least say I had lots of fun hitting things with all the varieties of spells, items, and other stuff you had just lying around waiting to be found! There's just so much you can do with this thing and I'm glad you made this as well as the sequel!


I don't even have Cartoon Network on my TV right now (then again, I really don't think highly of them) but it's good to know that AdultSwim is going to be around to show off goofy and awesome games! I'm reminded of the "Cut" series, but I liked this better, simply because I think it works a lot better as a game and does in fact give the player an interesting look at how surgery is.

Now it probably isn't even that realistic (how would I know?) but it's great to play.

Letter RIP

NIce effects!

While it may not have been much for actual gameplay, I was still quite impressed by this game. The CG graphics were done just very well and I admit that it was a pretty interesting idea to just shoot these weirdos who had letters for bodies. None of it makes sense, but at least it's nice to look at, which will make it good enough to recommend.


Thanks! *Sigh* Yeah, I rarely focus on making my games make sense. ;)

The Tickler

Very original!

I didn't know what to expect, but it's suffice to say that I was quite impressed by this! The idea of this robot going around grabbing people and crushing them while they're crying out (I don't even know what these stupid little things are!) was awesome, and it was also great how you could hit other victims with the ones you were holding and use different weapons and, oh, you get the idea.

Days 2 Die-The Other Side

Great zombies!

I was always a fan of zombie stuff and the reason I even looked into this was because I was really into the new "Zombieland" movie in theaters now! I don't think I played the first game, but I can tell you that I am very impressed by your style! This managed to have a story (for however long I could last at least) and it was just awesome shooting zombie after zombie even if I didn't even know what I was suppposed to get done in this crazy game!!

Foosball DX

Nice foosball!

I guess you could say I'm somewhat of a foosball fan and this did a good job of delivering a good stimulus. I thought that the CGI was very well done, even if I was a bit disappointed the guys were only shown from the top. I admit that I'm not good at this game at all, but that could always change with a bit of practice. I was thinking this belonged to the profiles of some big gaming site, but it was interesting to know you just did it on your own.


Pretty nice!

As you may know, I'm not the biggest fan of RPG's, but I can at least look at popular ones to see graphics or to get updated with what my favorite artists are doing. I was impressed by the graphics (The-Swain made this? I couldn't even tell!) as well as the gameplay. While it was pretty complicated, I could appreciate all of the time and effort that was put into this with things that truly made it unique.

Gravity Shift

Great stuff!

Probably the thing that really won me over was that in the beginning, I actually had no idea how to play the game, really, I just went over and pressed buttons and just so happened to get points. After awhile, I figured out what the rules of the game were and managed to have more fun with it at that, but it would have been just fine if I never figured it out and just did things for no reason.

Box Office

Nice again!

This is obviously a very prolific place for making games, but let me say it deserves to if it keeps making great games like these! I was really impressed at how simplistic it seemed (with just the tickets, popcorn, and soda) but it turned out to be more of a challenge as it went along giving the player more diligence to complete it and besides, I like movie theaters so the theme is really cool.

Bubble Blob

Quite impressive!

While admittedly I was turned off by the cutesier aspect of this (I've certainly played a lot of games like this before) I can praise this game for its creativity as it gives a lot of interesting shapes to choose from (or should I say, items?). I also thought it was cool how sometimes the fish things would be locked and it took more strategy to beat the level.


Ericho's game Reviews on Newgrounds (2024)


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