First post.... after a year (a reflection of a year of music making) (2024)

A little over a year has passed since I started on Newgrounds. It first started with me and my friend John (or bboyneedle on newgrounds) starting a small group called BGM. We didn't get to make music together too long because of his personal life made it difficult for us to continue. Even though we havn't done music together for a while, we went out with a big bang with our song "Countdown (full)".

As we stopped as a colaboration group a year ago, I have been hard at work (and play too) with work at Jungle Rapids, working on music on the computer to improve skills, and also...... playing videogames on the side. As time went by I seemed to develop a certain style that defines me as a music artist, and I continued to make music better as I made more songs. When I got new games I took time to play them, but when I got back to the computer I increased my skill... somehow, but I would get new ideas to add to my songs and get soexcited. I listen to some of my old songs and say "Hey, I did a good job on that one", or I would say "That wasn't too great". The only thing that matters is that I keep trying to make songs better as I go on so more people would recognise my skill at music making.

At first I cared heavily at the rating thatI would get for my songs and wouln't like when people would give 1's or 2's on a song that had a very good feel to it (*cough* *cough* people zero bombing Orion (short) even though it sounded great), but those days are over. I don't care how you rate my songs now, but remember... if you rate a song low alot and it gets taken off of the site due to score, you may be responsible for getting rid of an amazing song that everyone likes (although that may not be the case for some songs).

If you have been keeping tabs on me I thank you, but lately my internet has been working...... well.... not working at all, so I had to use the other computer for writting this and checking other websites and keeping tabs with my friends mostly. I havn't been uploading songs because I have gotten alot of new games (about 12 or 13), so I have been playing them alot (especially Mana Khemia).

Some bright news is that I havn't stopped making music, nor have I thought about it. I have been at hard, hard work on FL Studio and waitingfor a good time to post my songs. Weekends seemto be the best time to upload songs, so once my internet gets repaired in my room I will be back on AIM, Myspace, and Newgrounds.

Some works in progress right now are as follows:

Zoneout (remix) - Original artist : Novarri
Orion (Full) - Original artist : .... me of course, or Matt (Ryukenjin on Newrounds)
Celestial Tears (2008 mix) - Original artist : Ryukenjin

There are 3 others that I am working on that don't have a name yet. There are 2 songs that I plan to remake from DDR (including a remix of the "A" that I made). When my computer gets internet again and I go on AIM I will ask bboyneedle if I can remake "Countdown (Full)", even though I am sure he will say something along the lines of "Go for it!" or something like that. 1 last thing.... I FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO USE THE VOCORDER IN FL STUDIO!!!!

In closing (after a post with the length of a year), a year has passed, I have gotten more mature, my songs have matured, and my attitude on life has shifted up and down.... and it is only the beginning. Who knows what may happen this year.... maybe BGM will reunite for a few songs or more..... maybe I will become a featured atrist.... maybe I will make an amazing song that gets alot of attention and downloads and scores.... maybe I will make new collaborations..... but thats the thing with life.... you never know what will happen the next day.... but sometimes... that is a good thing..... here's to another year worth of music making.

If you read all of this I thank you, even thoughit is mostly a reflection of the last year. Feel free to comment on it however you like (you can even tell me that I should stop making music all together... because that just won't happen and that is just wasting your time). Feel free to check out my music if you havn't. Most of my new stuff is a sign that I have matured music wise (except "Dark Side of the Moon"). Check out bboyneedle's music on newgrounds too (especially since he uploaded "Countdown (Full)"). Thanks again

Matt (Ryukenjin)

First post.... after a year (a reflection of a year of music making) (2024)


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