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ABOUT US:At Gilbert Funeral Home Inc., we take pride in providing burial, cremation, and veterans services to families in Marion, KY, and Rosiclare, IL. We are dedicated to creating healing experiences for our community, and our reputation for quality, sincerity, and trust speaks for itself. With our many years of experience, we offer compassionate care, high integrity, and excellence in service to individuals from all walks of life.

OUR HISTORY:Discover the heritage, vision, and the people behind Gilbert Funeral Home Inc. Our long-standing history in the industry reflects our commitment to providing meaningful funeral and cremation services. We have served countless families in Marion, KY, Rosiclare, IL, and the surrounding areas, helping them remember their loved ones with respect and dignity.

OUR STAFF:Our team of dedicated professionals is here to support and guide you through this difficult time. With their expertise and compassionate approach, you can trust that your family will receive the care and attention they deserve. Each member of our staff is committed to providing personalized services that honor the memory of your loved one.

TESTIMONIALS:Don't just take our word for it. Hear what families have to say about the services we provide. Our testimonials reflect the positive impact we have made in the lives of those we have served. We are proud to have touched the hearts of so many families during their time of need.

WHY CHOOSE US:When it comes to funeral and cremation services, choosing the right provider is essential. At Gilbert Funeral Home Inc., we strive to exceed your expectations with our commitment to excellence. From personalized remembrance experiences to celebrations of your loved one's life, we go above and beyond to provide meaningful services that honor their memory.

CONTACT US:If you have any questions or would like to discuss our services further, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with the information and support you need during this difficult time. We are always available to assist you and offer guidance in planning a fitting tribute for your loved one.

LOCATIONS:With two convenient locations in Marion, KY, and Rosiclare, IL, Gilbert Funeral Home Inc. is committed to serving families throughout the area. We understand the importance of having a facility nearby to hold funeral and cremation services, providing a comforting environment for families to gather and remember their loved ones.

OBITUARIES:Stay updated on the obituaries of those we have had the honor of serving. Our obituary section allows you to pay your respects and offer condolences to the families who have lost a loved one. We believe that sharing memories and supporting one another during this time is crucial for healing.

VIEW ALL OBITUARIES:To see all obituaries, please visit our website. We provide a comprehensive listing of those who have passed away, allowing you to pay your respects and honor their memory. We update our listings regularly, so you can stay informed about the services we are providing to the community.

GILBERT FUNERAL HOME OBITUARIES:In memory of those served by Gilbert Funeral Home Inc., we have a dedicated section featuring their obituaries. Here, you can find information about their lives, funeral services, and ways to offer condolences to their families. We believe that every life should be celebrated and remembered.

HARDIN COUNTY FUNERAL SERVICE - COX CHAPEL OBITUARIES:For obituaries related to our Hardin County Funeral Service - Cox Chapel location, please visit our website. We provide a respectful and comprehensive listing of those we have had the privilege of serving. Pay your respects and offer condolences to the families during this difficult time.

SEND FLOWERS:Express your condolences and support to the grieving families by sending them flowers. Our flower delivery service allows you to show your love and appreciation during this challenging time. Choose from a variety of arrangements and let us handle the rest.

OBITUARY NOTIFICATIONS:Stay informed about the passing of individuals in our community by subscribing to our obituary notifications. We will keep you updated on recent obituaries, allowing you to pay your respects and support the grieving families. Please sign up to receive these notifications on our website.

SERVICES:At Gilbert Funeral Home Inc., we provide a range of funeral and cremation services to meet the unique needs of each family we serve. From immediate need services to planning ahead, we are here to support you every step of the way. Our experienced team will guide you through the process and ensure that you are provided with the highest level of care.

IMMEDIATE NEED:In times of loss, our immediate need services offer the support and guidance you require. Our compassionate staff is available to assist you with all the necessary arrangements, providing comfort and care during this challenging time. We strive to alleviate some of the burdens by handling the details, allowing you to focus on healing.

SERVICES OVERVIEW:Discover the range of services we offer to support families during their time of need. Our comprehensive services encompass everything from traditional funeral services to personalized celebrations of life. We believe in tailoring our offerings to reflect the unique life and personality of your loved one, ensuring a meaningful and memorable tribute.

TRADITIONAL SERVICES:Honor your loved one's life with a traditional funeral service. Our team will guide you through the planning process, helping you create a meaningful and personalized ceremony. From selecting a casket to arranging visitations and memorials, we are here to assist you in honoring their memory with dignity and respect.

CREMATION SERVICES:Choosing cremation does not mean you have to forgo a meaningful and personalized service. Our cremation services allow you to celebrate your loved one's life while reflecting their wishes. From memorial services to scattering ceremonies, we will work closely with you to create a memorable tribute that truly captures their spirit.

PERSONALIZATION:Every life is unique, and we believe in celebrating that individuality. Our personalized services offer a meaningful way to remember your loved one by infusing their personality and passions into the ceremony. Whether it's incorporating their hobbies or showcasing special moments, we will create a personalized tribute that reflects their life and legacy.

VETERANS SERVICES:We are proud to offer specialized services for veterans, honoring their dedication and sacrifice. Our experienced staff will assist you with all the details, ensuring that all military honors and benefits are properly arranged. We are committed to creating a fitting tribute for those who have served our country.

PLAN AHEAD:Planning ahead is a thoughtful and selfless act that eases the burden on your loved ones. With our pre-planning services, you can make all the necessary arrangements in advance, ensuring that your wishes are carried out exactly as you envision them. Take control of your funeral or cremation plans and alleviate the stress your family may experience in the future.

PLANNING AHEAD:Preparing for the inevitable is a responsible and caring choice. Our planning ahead services allow you to express your wishes and preferences, ensuring that your loved ones can focus on grieving and healing when the time comes. Let us guide you through the planning process, providing peace of mind for both you and your family.

ONLINE PREPLANNING FORM:Take the first step in pre-planning your funeral or cremation services by filling out our online preplanning form. This form allows you to record your preferences and provide important information that will guide your family during the funeral planning process. Start the conversation today and ensure your wishes are known and respected.

PRE-PLANNING CHECKLIST:Stay organized and informed with our pre-planning checklist. This resource will guide you through the important considerations when pre-planning your funeral or cremation services. From selecting a funeral home to making financial arrangements, our checklist covers all the essential steps to ensure a smooth planning process.

TALK OF A LIFETIME:Your story matters, and we believe in capturing and preserving it for future generations. Our Talk of a Lifetime program encourages conversations about life experiences, values, and lessons learned. By sharing your story, you create a meaningful legacy that will be cherished by your loved ones for years to come.

RESOURCES:In times of grief and loss, it's important to have access to helpful resources and information. Our resources section provides valuable information on frequent questions, social security benefits, funeral etiquette, the grieving process, and grief resources. Explore these resources to find guidance and support during this difficult time.

FREQUENT QUESTIONS:Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about funeral and cremation services. Our frequently asked questions section provides valuable information and addresses concerns you may have while planning a funeral or cremation. We are here to provide clarity and guidance throughout the process.

SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS:Understand the social security benefits available to families who have lost a loved one. Our resources section provides information and guidance on how to navigate the complex process of claiming social security benefits after a loss. We are here to support you and ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to.

WHEN DEATH OCCURS:When a death occurs, it's important to know what steps to take and who to contact. Our resources section provides a helpful guide on what to do when a death occurs, including notifying the appropriate parties and arranging for transportation of the deceased. We are here to assist you during this challenging time.

FUNERAL ETIQUETTE:Understanding funeral etiquette is essential when attending or planning a funeral service. Our resources section provides guidance on proper funeral etiquette, including appropriate dress, behavior, and condolences. We believe that observing proper etiquette can offer comfort and support to the grieving family.

THE GRIEVING PROCESS:Grief is a natural response to loss, and everyone experiences it differently. Our resources section provides valuable information about the grieving process, offering insights and support in coping with loss. We are here to help you navigate the various stages of grief and find healing along the way.

CHILDREN & GRIEF:Children process grief differently than adults, and it's important to provide them with the support they need. Our resources section offers guidance on helping children cope with grief, providing age-appropriate explanations and strategies for healing. We are here to support families in helping their children through the grieving process.

GRIEF RESOURCES:Find additional resources and support for coping with grief in our resources section. We provide links to grief support groups, reading materials, and other valuable resources to assist you on your journey toward healing. Remember, you are not alone, and there is help available during this challenging time.

MAKE A PAYMENT:For your convenience, we offer an online payment option. Our secure payment portal allows you to easily make a payment towards funeral or cremation expenses. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Hardin County Funeral Service - Funeral Home Pages (2024)


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