It's A Meme, Mario! 15 Hilarious Nintendo Memes (2024)

We're sure you fondly remember Nintendo from your childhood, but Nintendo goes way further back than that. No, even further than you think. Nintendo first started as a playing card companythat launched on September 23 in 1889! You read that correctly... your favorite gaming company is over 120 years old! It makes it even more amazing when you think how a company so old can continue to innovate and keep its audience engaged year after year after year. As amazing as they are, they have certainly made their share of mistakes. Regardless, Nintendo is a mediajuggernaut that has been entertaining people for 100 years and will continue to do so for 100 more.

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Oh, Nintendo, how can we quit you? One minute we love to hate you with the intense, friendship-ending competition involved in Mario Kart, another minute we hate to love how we think of Tetris every time we pack groceries or put something on a shelf. Don'tyou dare tellus not to blow on the back of a cartridge! There are lots of complaints and lots of congrats for Nintendo, and we have the mighty memes to prove it. Here are 15 of the best Nintendo memes out there.


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Any fans of out there? Anyone willing to admit that they're fans? C'mon, we know you played this game at one point, and if you did play it you know that during the character generation stage you needed to choose an alignment. This alignment is a guideline that reminded you of how to act, ranging from lawful good to chaotic evil and all of the weird and sometimes confusing ones in between.

Here we see the different D&D alignments played out with different Nintendo characters, and we have to admit this definitely helps us understand better such concepts as lawful evil and chaotic good. Do you agree thatWario is chaotic neutral? How about Samus being labeled as neutral good? Post your comments below!


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Who was the first person to blow into a cartridge to make it work? Why did we think that our breath contained some sort of healing properties that would make the game start to function? Later studies showed that the moisture contained within your breath probably did more harm than good to your games! The photo in the meme clearly shows what we shouldn't be doing, but we did it anyway! Of course, this is an N64 cartridge, so maybe by then the magic that worked on the old NES was gone.

Although it was a placebo effect, that never stopped us from blowing into the cartridge to fix whatever was ailing the game to begin with. But let's not forget, that back in the day owners of the old school Apple III were recommended by the company to drop the computer from a two-inch height if the machine wasn't working well. For reals!


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Oh, Mario! How can you be so strong and fragile at the same time? Then again, the logic of many Nintendo games never made much sense. For example, he'sbeen a doctor and a race car driver, but do we ever see him being a plumber? And why does Mario obtain powers from, of all things, giant mushrooms?

This meme accurately points out just how weird Nintendo games can get sometimes, but we do want to nitpick and point out that Mario is not breaking bricks with his head but with his fist. Granted, there are a number of martial arts masters that have the ability to punch through formidable materials like wood and concrete, but Mario is too busynot being a plumber to be practicing!


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What did you do when you got home from school in the 1990s? Maybe some friends came over and you guys played games and had some snacks before you had to do homework. The above meme shows some of the most rad and awesome things a kid could do in the Dot-Com Decade, such as munch on a Lunchable or play with Pogs. Sure, those things are around now, but arguably they were most popular in the '90s.

Let's not forget the Gameboy Color, or theNintendo 64. Like most kids, you probably had Mario Kart 64 all cued up and ready to play withyour friends. Or if you were one of the really cool kids, you did your best Bond impression while playing GoldenEye. Keep it fair; no Odd Job.


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It's awesome that you can walk around with a powerful game console in your hand, but you need to be careful because damaging it might prevent you from playing your favorite games. Such things as humidity, dropping it, and of course cracking the screen can put a damper on your ability to have fun.

Taking a cue from the foundations of another hilarious set of memes, which overanalyzes street and metro signs, theabove meme pokes fun at all the things that could go wrong with your 3Ds. These include, but are not limited to, it becoming self-aware, relationship problems with air-conditioners, and attempted assassination attempts on British Royalty. Remember the boring days of being worried about throwing our Wii controllers through the television screen?


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Sometimes fans have to take a lot of heat from people that don't like what you like. Whether you're a Brony or a Trekkie or a Browncoat, fans fight hard to embrace what they love and at the same time defend it from those that don't understand. Then comes that fateful day when your obscure show becomes a big hit then you become a Hipster for liking it before it was cool. Sometimes you just can't win!

This funny but accurate meme depicts the difficulties of being a fan of Nintendo. Your parents probably think you're wasting your hard-earned money (and in some cases your parents' hard-earned money), and some people think you're a weirdo fortrying to capture monsters in a poke ball. So what is it that you do all day? You stay awesome by being awesome, that's what. Now all you have to do is convince others of that fact.


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What are some things that irk you? Are you bothered by people that try and get on the elevator first before you have fully gotten off? What about people that clearly have more than 10items in the express lane at the supermarket? Of all the things that bother us, tops on our list are people that refer to the character of Link in The Legend of Zelda as Zelda herself.

Perhaps it was an easy mistake to make when the game first launched in February of 1986, but you think over 30 years later people would have gotten it by now. What level of rage are we at? This meme depicts Link as played by Christian Bale, and given his look and pose, it is probably from the movie American Psycho. Yeah, 30 years of wrong would be enough to make us go insane as well.


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Your mom telling you to throw out the garbage even though you want to finish watching your favorite tv show isn't fair. The class clownlaughs in class but you get blamed isn't fair. The classgetsdivided up into teams for gym class and you being picked last is actually fair, but itstill feels bad. The thing that trumps all other things when it comes to being unfair is Mario Kart.

How many times have you been close to crossing the finish line only to get hit by a blue shell that knocks you into last place? How about a poorly timed turn that had you stuck on the side of the road, only to watch Yoshi or Luigi speed past you? Many of life's lessons about fairness didn't come from the streets, but the hard, treacherous roads of Mario Kart.


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Besides the enjoyment of the beautiful meme artwork, do you know what this is referencing? This meme is actually referencing another meme called "Expand Dong" which involved a photo from the Donkey Kong 64 box art with the caption "Expand Dong" underneath it. If you're asking why it said that, well, you can use your imagination, just make sure it's in dirty mode.

In Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, we shockingly find out that the Captain is evil in the last panel when he says "Hail Hydra." This quickly turned into a meme where other characters make unrealistic revelations, such as Batman saying he killed his parents or that you can actually see John Cena. Here we get meta and reveal that Donkey Kong wants to minimize Dong instead of expanding it. Deep, huh?


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Metroid first came out in August of 1986 and chronicled the adventures of the space bounty hunter Samus Aran and her dealings with Metroids, floating jellyfish creatures that in the Chozo language means "Ultimate Warrior". Samus wears aPower Suitthat is equipped with an arm cannon, can drop bombs, and enable her to transform into a ball to roll into corridors and other tight places.

Do you know that there are over 250 games in the Mario franchise? Considering how popular the character is, it's not surprising, but it is surprising how few Metroid games there are. To date there are a little over a dozen games in the franchise and sometimes there's as many as a six year gap between games. We guess you can't screw up the game if there's no game to screw up!


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Mario Kart is one of the most popular games ever. It allows multiple players to play a variety of colorful and fun characters, such as Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach. You can also play characters like Wario and Bowser. The strange thing is that a good portion of the players that participate are considered enemies of Mario and his friends, and have actively tried to destroy them in one way or another.

Bowser has been Mario's nemesis every since he appeared in Super Mario Bros. Donkey Kong is also an enemy of Mario (back when he was the pet gorilla of Mario, who at the time was referred to as Jumpman) is a player in the game as well. Why invite your enemies to play games? Possibly to have more competition!


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To some, you know him as Weezy B.(real name Blake Boston) from the rap group Beantown Mafia, and you can see him on the cover of the album "Ma Gangsta." To mosteveryone else, he's Scumbag Steve, the guy who goes out of his way to act as horrible as possible. Whether it's borrowing your car and not returning it or eating all of your food and complaining that you aren't a good host, the Scumbag Steve meme is an oldie but goodie.

Even Scumbag Steve has standards. In this meme, he has come to your house and stolen most of your prized possessions, but to add insult to injury, leaves the Nintendo Wii, just to let you know that he's got better things to do with his time. Steve doesn't mind kicking a man while he's down with steel toed boots.


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How many times have you tied a towel around your neck and imagined being a super hero? How about holding a banana and pretending it was a laser beam or death ray? Lots of times we take our imagination and imprint it over the real world for fun, but sometimes it can be helpful, even life saving.

Tetris was created by Russian Game Designer Alexey Pajnitnov in 1984. The name tetris is a combination of word tetra and Pajnitov's favorite sport, tennis. The game uses a variety of descending geometric and irregular shapes that players have to fit together to make disappear. Besides being fun, it made your brain think about shapes as well as several moves ahead. It also helps when packing your car or your shopping cart! Thanks, Tetris!


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Mario Kart 64 is a great game because it combines racing, your favorite Mario characters, and the ability tolose yourbest friends all in one game. Races are built on competition, and Mario Kart can bring out the competitive animal in all of us. Some games like Monopoly can really get us competing to win, but Mario Kart might be the King of Competitive Gaming because of the anxiety and angerthat it produces.

How many friendships were lost over this game? DidKevin purposefully wait to drop the blue shell specifically when you were the one in the lead?Did Marconly target you with the dropped banana peels on the road? You can try to not let these events in the game bleed out into real life, but you can only take being run over after being miniaturized by the ThunderBolt so many times.


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We've been showing a lot of love for Nintendo, but how many people remember Sega Dreamcast? The best selling game for the system was 1998'sSonic Adventure, which featured Sonic and friends dealing with Eggman and the Chaos Emeralds. It was a very popular game and even had a comic book adaptation.

Mario Odyssey came out in 2017 and received universal praise, selling over 2 million copies in three days, becoming the fastest selling Mario title to date. However, this meme does point out some "been there, done that" comparisons between Adventure and Odyssey. Granted, the worlds in Adventure are modeled after South American locations, whereas Odyssey's New Donk City's inspirations are more obvious. Odyssey is taking a lot of heat for being similar to the Dreamcast game that debuted 19 years earlier, and this meme adds fuel to the fire.

WhichNintendo game was your favorite growing up? Post your comments below!

It's A Meme, Mario! 15 Hilarious Nintendo Memes (2024)


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