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Racing pinewood derby cars is a fun pastime enjoyed by thousands of people. Originating in the 1950s by the Boy Scouts of America, pinewood derby racing is a fun, friendly way to enjoy competition with your friends, family, church, or neighbors. Maximum Velocity is here to guide you through the world of pinewood derby!

If you are ready to purchase your first kit and begin the fun of building pinewood derby cars, be sure to check out our collection of valuable resources and products to ensure your next car reaches maximum velocity!

Easy Way To Build Fast Pinewood Derby Cars

The large number of products available for building a pinewood derby car can be very overwhelming. Which is why at Maximum Velocity, we’ve put together comprehensive car kits and bundles to help you save time and tool investment. Each car body is precision cut and accommodates the maximum weight at the proper position. Our Pre-Cut Kits come complete with car bodies based on winning designs. Each body also features pre-cut or drilled axle holes or slots depending on the specific design.

Kit Bundles take the car kits a step further, and include everything you need to build a competitive car. Take the guesswork out of what makes for a winning design! Each bundle comes complete with a Pre-Cut Kit, weights, prepared BSA wheels, lube and axles. Don’t be overwhelmed by sifting through countless types of grooved or smooth axles, molded wheels or weight kits. Instead, purchase one of our kits or bundles and rest assured that your finished design will be a winner!

If you do want to build your pinewood derby car from scratch, we recommend that you visit our “first timer” page for purchasing pinewood derby cars to see what recommended products suite your style. Make your pinewood derby cars go fast! Choose Maximum Velocity.

Purchase Pinewood Derby Cars from the Experts

With over twenty years of experience in pinewood derby, we possess the valuable insight you need to excel at your next competition. If you’re wondering why you should choose to purchase your pinewood derby cars from us, there are many reasons.

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First, we keep the interest of the customer in mind by not selling you products that you don’t need. Many pinewood derby products on the market today either provide you no benefit or even slow your car down. Banners, flags and pennants may add some fun flair to your piece, but you may not be aware that the added wind resistance can cause your car to perform poorly! And some lubricants – like Dry White – actually gunk up your axles. Using a high-purity graphite is the best way to properly lubricate your car for maximum speed. We only recommend products that are needed to satisfy competition regulations or that can be used to prime your pinewood derby car for first place. We even offer comprehensive car plans that contain three race-winning designs so that you can come to each competition prepared to place.

Second, we have extensive experience and knowledge in building and racing pinewood derby cars, and we would love to share it with you. Randy Davis, founder of Maximum Velocity, became involved in pinewood derby when his children began participating in the competitions at their church. After noticing that a few families consistently raced fast cars, Randy put his background in engineering to use, figuring out the mechanics behind what makes a competitive derby car. For over twenty years, he has been providing valuable insight into the successful techniques used to create fast pinewood derby cars. By offering insightful information and high-quality products, tools and supplies, we’ve been able to help hundreds of children and their parents or mentors to enjoy the act of building cars together.

Third, we understand that you would like your order right away. This is why we expedite every order. Depending on the time of day the order is placed, we will either ship it same day or the next business day. Even better, we don’t charge a fee for expediting orders!

Trust The Experts!

At Maximum Velocity, our mission is to help children and their parents to build high-performance pinewood derby cars, and to have fun in the process. We strive to provide our customers with quality products and customer service at a competitive price. And though we can’t guarantee that your car with will a trophy, we can guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied with our products and service. Contact us today to learn more!

Pinewood Derby Cars | Maximum Velocity (2024)


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