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Black Knight

Good game

-Definantly one one the better games on newgrounds to date. The shop thing was a great extra to an already great game. Smashing everything and beating pore peasents senseless was just so satisfying. Some very smooth movement and great mideval backgrounds. And scrolls gave you a goal which is good becasue without it, it would seem like your playing for nothing.

-The outlines of people looked a little low rez like they were drawn in photoshop and then slightly enlarged in flash. And after about the 15th level it got repetitive. And there should have been more people like the wich that you werent supposed to hit so that you dont just go smashing everything.

Lady Gaga Soundboard

It's good

This is suprisingly good and it has some nice quote finds for the miscellaneous section at the bottom. It's a good soundboard but I still feel like it could of had a lot more random quotes and excerpts. Maybe put together a second one or make a soundboard of someone else in the future.

The Last Village

It's ok

Its hard to find fun in this game. The graphics aren't that great and with todays flash technology its not that difficult to produce something thats at least worth looking at. As far as game play goes its okay. Really who hasent played this type of game before 1,000 other times. It has no true originality and you could have done a better job being a tad more accurate with the native american storyline.

Newgrounds SIM v 1.2


It was fun, i love rpg games. but i wish there was more to it. it would be awesome if you could watch the flash movies you make, not like a real flash, just like a short small thing on the computer screen. you need more things to buy, 3 things just doesent cut it, it would be nice if you could buy a ps3 or something and play some small arcade game on it. mabye a movie showing you what youre doing while at work. some cool piece of informacion or joke when you read instead of that stacking crap. i hope you make another, all in all it was a great game, nice job

Monster Evolution

Sequel hopefully

I really loved this game, I had loads of fun when i was on like the first and second levels but then it got kinda boring. I think you could maybe make the game more like the cpu game Spore? Anyway there wasnt much to do once you unlock all of the final evolution thingies cuz there's that big ass guy with the huge arms. :{ i hope to see a sequel from you >:o

Plankton Life 2


Though this isn't really what evolution is implied as the game is awsome as hell. I loved the first one and I love this one. Though there was very little improvement all I can say is that the whole, if the plankton is hit then the mouse has to be reset on it is pretty gay. Make it so that the plankton is always following the cursor in the third one, if you are planning on one. Anyway this stuff is great keep it coming.

Plankton Life

Good Game

I find it strange that in what is suppose to be Easy Mode it is difficult to get the plankton under control again if it starts bouncing all over the place. My suggestion is to take a page out of those top-down shooters and have the controls be like that. The dodging of everything can still make for an interesting game, as it is more about survival than it is about shooting things. And loose the strange items that look like iron maces. They don't make sense since you're playing in a sea of what looks to be mostly cute pre-evolved life forms.


Nice Game

Even though I thought the taunts were kinda cheesy, the whole game was really fun. I thought the combat was very well handled, although it would have been nice to have like a practice round for archery, but I'm gonna play it again so I guess I can practice some more that way. Multiplayer is a great feature. And you got Ian Holm to narrate? Nice.

REPLAYING :the game:

Great Game

Clever. In some places I honestly couldn't understand what you were getting at. But hey, maybe that's the point. Ironically, (kidding or not) this in itself is art, despite what you said about art IN this fine work of art. I love some levels, I hate others. In the end, it doesn't matter I guess. Your not god, and neither am I. Who is? Is there a god? If I ask questions, but never search for the answer, that makes me a philosopher. If I have answers, but never any questions, that makes me...? Plus the preloader game is a great way to pass time =P

Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2

Good Game

i have nothing to complain about but just a few script errors that could be fixed easily, first ! i tried the game with a cowbar and one of the alternatives of the front door of the pharma was wrong : "...... with you cowbar" ! it should be your ! and i know it's not quite a mistake :p !! another thing ! with the man down the generetor i choosed to kill him and in the scipt after there was : "to let US survive" or something ! it should be to let me :p ! ... i think ! good game thou ! i waited it for a long time and its enjoyable ^^ ty


sixflab's game Reviews on Newgrounds (2024)


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