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Hello, I'm wasted time and welcome to my experiment. The experiment that is my art. Initially i started on Tumblr, basically finalizing others work I thought had potential, as well as test my own stuff out mostly coloring and body shape. Slowly inching toward just doing all my own stuff. Now I'm here, and spread out across several sites. I do a bit of writing, but mostly drawing. Check out my stuff below, and if you are super interested you can commission me for stuff!

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A Breathless Summer Semester

a month ago

I don't think I need to tell you by now what's first on the agenda, so without further ado let's get to those thank yous! Thanks so much to everyone who continues to support me, especially you Parishioners! It means the world.


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So, let's get started with health first. As it turns out, my blood oxygen levels while sleeping dip into the danger zone. And so, because of this I need to be hooked up to oxygen as I sleep. I dunno if it's Sleep Apnea, or heart doc didn't specify. She just wants me on an oxygen machine while sleeping. Hopefully, this will give me a better quality of sleep, and lead to further improving feeling up and awake when I'm...not sleeping.

I'd say I just live at too high an altitude at this point, but my heart doc said my POTS was the result of a vaccine injury. Then there was also the fire and god knows what other factors that could have made things worse. I don't know. It's evident we really should move to a lower altitude, but it's only gotten harder to find housing...pretty much anywhere. And if we had to move out of state we'd have to change a bunch of things over's already giving me a headache just thinking about it.

As for work log stuff...I'm finally pretty much clear. The spring holidays are behind me, the summer lies ahead, and with it, I'm gonna be hitting the art studies hard. Specifically Cubebrush Art School, which I signed up for a lifetime pass in January and have been waiting to jump into. 2 hours a day, 3 days a week. With the other 2 days set aside for studying Toon Boom and Blender. I need the first few weeks of this aggressive study period to kinda...roll into the schedule. And once I'm used to it, I'm hoping I'll be able to squeeze in more and more free-form work around it. I figure, if the guy who made Indigo Park can learn to make a basic game in a week, I can vastly improve my art and reach a serviceable level with Toon Boom and Blender in a month. Well...fingers crossed anyway.

Now, I've got a few pieces that just went live to Patreon, and they'll go public in a week or so. My study sabbatical doesn't mean that all the work is going to completely dry up. My art program missives have...unscored the importance of having wind down time after lessons to draw whatever. I'm just not expecting to make anything I'd call a 'big project' least during June and July. (As I have a friend visiting mid-July.)

So yeah, short update, but a mostly hopeful for the breather machine. Hopefully, a much better artist and animator will emerge from the other side of this sabbatical. God, I hope so.

Thanks to my Patreon backers again!

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"Well, it's.. time for me to die." - Space Ghost

10 months ago nice art

a year ago Thank you! It's nice to see you ^.^

a year ago Came upon your old nessie sketches and think I want to comission some nessie in future :D

a year ago Your most very welcome!

a year ago Keep up the great work!

a year ago I love your sketch’s/artwork and gallery! 💙😁

a year ago No problem 😌

a year ago Keep up the good work 😎

3 years ago i colored one of your sketch look in my gallery

3 years ago i colored one of your sketch look in my gallery

3 years ago wonderful artwork, yaaaay!!! :3

4 years ago Thanks.
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