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Bones and All (2022) | MovieWeb (1)
Bones and All



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Release Date
November 23, 2022
Luca Guadagnino
Chloe Sevigny, Timothee Chalamet, Taylor McKenzie, Michael Stuhlbarg, David Gordon Green, Mark Rylance

2hr 10min
Main Genre


Frenesy Film Company, Per Capita Productions, Vision Distribution
David Kajganich


A story of first love between Maren, a young woman learning how to survive on the margins of society, and Lee, an intense and disenfranchised drifter, as they meet and join together for a thousand-mile odyssey which takes them through the back roads, hidden passages and trap doors of Ronald Reagan's America. But despite their best efforts, all roads lead back to their terrifying pasts and to a final stand that will determine whether their love can survive their otherness.


Why Bones and All Is Timothée Chalamet's Most Underrated Performance

Timothee Chalamet

Chalamet has been making headlines for numerous reasons, but many tend to forget how Bones and All allowed him to show off his incredible talent.

ByWishka Tilakaratne

Bones and All Ending, Explained


Bones and All has a dramatic and interesting ending. Here's what happens and why.

ByJosie Greenwood

Why Bones and All Resonates With Queer Audiences, Explained


Luca Guadagnino's latest is more than a cannibalistic love story, it's an allegory for the journey of self-discovery queer youths go through.

ByGabriel Mauri

Bones and All: 8 Reasons Why You Should See Luca Guadagnino's Movie

Movie Lists

Here’s all the reasons why you should see Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet in the horror/romance Bones and All.

ByKate Altman

6 Movies to Watch If You Liked Bones and All

Movie Lists

If you left the theater after Bones and All craving more, check out this list to find similar movies.

ByJosie Greenwood

How Bones and All is a Love Story Disguised as Cannibal Horror


Bones and All, with Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet, puts a romantic new spin on the world of cannibal stories.

ByNeeraj Chand

Taylor Russell Creatively Clicked With Timothée Chalamet on Set of Bones and All

Movie News

The actress says that co-star Chalamet, whom she affectionately calls 'Timmy,' was her light while filming the cannibal romance.

ByKaitlyn Head

Exclusive: Taylor Russell on Acting Alongside Timothée Chalamet as Cannibal Lovers in Bones and All


Taylor Russell, the star of Bones and All, discusses the complexities of what's poised to be one of the most talked about movies of 2022.

ByMatt Mahler

Timothée Chalamet Reveals Details About his Character From Bones and All

Movie News

In a recent interview, Timothée Chalamet talks about COVID isolation, the inspiration for his character, and working with co-star Taylor Russel.

ByZachary McLain

Exclusive: Bones and All Director on His Cannibal Romance Film Starring Timothée Chalamet


Director Luca Guadagnino talks reuniting with Timothée Chalamet and the themes, inspirations, and poetry of his new movie Bones and All.

ByMatt Mahler

Bones and All's Milan Premiere Red Carpet Shuts Down After Horde of Timothee Chalamet Fans Arrive

Movie News

Fearing that the enthusiastic crowd would be hard to control, police shut down the red carpet at the event due to concerns about Chalamet's safety.

ByJeremy Dick

Bones and All Trailer Breakdown: A Cannibal Couple on the Road


A little over a month away from its domestic release on November 18, MGM has dropped a second trailer for Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All.

ByDaniel Cook Johnson

Bones and All Cast: Other Roles You've Seen the Actors Play


Do they look familiar? Here are the other roles you’ve seen the cast of Bones and All play.

ByAlyssa Gawaran

Explained: Is Bones and All Based on a Book?


Bones and All is a powerful movie that alters how viewers perceive love in challenging situations. This is where the movie's inspiration came from.

ByRobin Reynolds

Feast on the Latest Trailer for Bones and All Starring Timothée Chalamet


Taylor Russell and Mark Rylance star alongside Chalamet in Bones and All.

ByDavid Christopherson

Bones and All: Cannibal Drama Has No Ties to Armie Hammer, Luca Guadagnino Claims

Luca Guadagnino

The director, who previously worked with Hammer on Call Me By Your Name, is denying any ties between the film's plot and the disgraced actor.

ByPatricia Abaroa

Bones and All Review: Timothée Chalamet and Luca Guadagnino Reunite

Movie and TV Reviews

The director and star of Call Me By Your Name reunite for a dark, funny, and gory romance movie about cannibals, Bones and All.

ByMatt Mahler

Fremantle Has Increased Movie Output Substantially

Movie News

Fremantle COO Andrea Scrosati on why their six movies at Venice reflect a unique business model.

ByCameron Bolton

Timothée Chalamet Says Social Media is Bringing a 'Societal Collapse'

Timothee Chalamet

The Dune actor says he can't imagine growing up without the stress of social media.

ByDavid Christopherson

Here's Every Luca Guadagnino Movie, Ranked

Luca Guadagnino

A master of the senses, these Luca Guadagnino movies tell stories that give us goosebumps and transport us to beautiful places.

ByTyler Bunton

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Bones and All (2022) | MovieWeb (2024)


Did she eat him at the end of Bones and All? ›

In the book, Maren eats Lee against his will. In the movie, Lee is hurt when he and Maren kill Sully. Maren puts him out of his misery by eating him, at Lee's request. It's tough to say if the Bones And All ending is a satisfying horror movie ending.

Why does Maren eat Lee? ›

Sully, who is revealed to be Maren's grandfather, attacks Maren and is planning on killing and eating her, but Lee intervenes, only to be mortally wounded in the process. As an act of love and devotion, and to please Lee, Maren gives in and eats him, "bones and all", a rite of passage for cannibals like her.

What happened to Maren at the end of Bones and All? ›

On her own, she is able to discover the truth about Sully and defend herself against him, drive a car across the country, survive for weeks on an abandoned farm, reunite with Lee, and, ultimately, start a new life without him. The ending of the novel marks significant personal changes for Maren.

What is the deeper meaning of Bones and All? ›

There is no true "hidden meaning" at play in Bones and All, it's simply a story about otherness. The beauty of the movie is that cannibalism can be seen as a placeholder for so many things, especially given the '80s setting.

Did Sully want to eat Maren? ›

Sully never explains his own desire to consume his descendants, though his stubborn and ultimately self-destructive fixation with Maren hints at complex psychological motivations.

Why does Mary eat people in bones and all? ›

Throughout the novel, Maren consumes several boys and young men who express interest in her, suggesting that her cannibalism is closely tied to her own romantic and sexual desires, even though it also prevents her from intimacy with others.

What is cannibalism a metaphor for in bones and all? ›

Through Guadagnino's attentive work, cannibalism becomes a metaphor for closeted queerness: a way of dramatizing both the consummate longing and consonant shame of wanting something you shouldn't.

What is the metaphor for bones and all drugs? ›

“Bones and All” is a heartbreaking film that rattles the viewer to their core through its unique use of cannibalism as a metaphor for an uncontrollable addiction.

What does sully represent in bones and all? ›

What is this? The first is Sully (Mark Rylance), a terrifying embodiment of a surrogate father. He teaches her how to use her sense of smell and offers her “someplace dry and safe” at a moment where she- both predator and prey item- is extraordinarily vulnerable, assuring her all the while that he's “got rules.

What was Travis asking Maren to do in Bones and All? ›

Travis has in fact been turned down by several eaters, and he begs a horrified Maren to eat him. Travis is one of the most complex and ambiguous characters in the novel. Though he treats Maren with kindness, she is disgusted by his request to be eaten and desires to get away from him as quickly as possible.

What happens to Kayla in Bones and All? ›

As he bleeds out, Maren discovers Kayla's hair having been made part of Sully's hair rope, implying she was murdered by him offscreen.

Was Marens dad an eater? ›

So, Maren's non-cannibalistic father does what he usually does after Maren begins eating someone—he packs them up, and they move.

Why does Maren eat Lee in the book? ›

The narrative climax of the novel is Lee's decision to embrace Maren sexually, after which she eats him. Lee, she believes, consented to being eaten as a characteristically morbid expression of his love for her. Through his apparent sacrifice, he pushes Maren to accept herself just as he has accepted her.

What does the last scene in Bones and All mean? ›

Bones and All's Ending Devours the Lovers

As such, Lee begs Maren to devour him, "bones and all," which means nothing will be left of his body and their time together. She does so in the very cerebral ending of Bones and All, consuming their love and wiping their history clean.

What is Bones and All trying to say? ›

Bones and All is built on the notion that Eaters, regardless of the rules they follow or the circ*mstances of their affliction, are undeserving of love. As Janelle tells Maren, “The world of love wants no monsters in it.” Yet, each character only wishes to connect with others, to be accepted, and to be happy.

Was Brad an eater in bones and all? ›

From Jake, Maren and Lee learn about “full bones,” what he calls the occasion you first “eat the whole thing, bones and all.” The event, they discover, is a significant one in an eater's life, and it's from this conversation they learn that Brad isn't actually one of them.

What happens to all the characters at the end of Bones? ›

Bones' series finale left the show's core characters in a good place: Brennan (Emily Deschanel) recovered from the brain trauma she sustained in the Jeffersonian bombing, Booth (David Boreanaz) took down the bomber, Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Arastoo (Pej Vahdat) are adopting three boys, and Hodgins (TJ Thyne) and Angela ...

Is Lee dead at the end of bones and all? ›

He holds her at knifepoint until Lee arrives, and they manage to kill Sully, though Lee is fatally wounded in the process, and Maren finds a lock of Kayla's hair in Sully's rope. As he lies dying in Maren's arms, Lee pleads for her to love him and eat him "bones and all", to which she reluctantly complies.


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